Stadium Raises Big Questions​​
Have Residents Investigated?
Is Lake Country the right site for a Stadium?
​Serious concerns need to be addressed
  1. Shoreland & Water Quality
    Shoreland & Water Quality
    Are we risking our water quality? There is rising evidence artificial turf material poses a health risk. On site run-off will drain into our sensitive groundwater area from which our wells draw!
  2. Traffic
    Traffic entering & exiting will back up quickly! We've all seen the Harley event traffic. If a light & turn lanes are required, who pays? Will backed-up traffic compromise the Hospital?
  3. NOT Just Ballgames
    NOT Just Ballgames
    DCE amended their plan of operation to include concerts & "any other non sports related activities." So it really IS not just baseball, baseball, baseballl. If you can hear Harley , then you will hear this!!
About Us​
We all care about the quality of life in our Beautiful Lake Country. The area surrounding this project are highly susceptible Lakes and streams. Our wells draw from this sensitive groundwater area.. We should be protecting and preserving our ecologically sensitve area 

Residents live here because we value the Rural character, peace and quiet of this beautiful place. Our shorelands and nature are precious to us!  

The City of Oconomowoc did not identify this space as a commercial use - it was intended for technological business parks. A commercial  outdoor event venue is not a permitted use. 

Residents of Ocnonomowoc are you aware that this is NOT a Community Ballpark? This is a Profit-driven private venture. Their business plan is to charge for use of the Venue & their proposal states the target customers are NOT City residents!  Concerts are very likely a part of their plan. Can you hear Harley concerns? If so, you will hear this too! 

Become informed!
Questions Residents Should Ask

Visit the City of Oconomowoc website & click on the Stay Informed button lower right on home page. You will be alerted by text & email to all scheduled meetings.  Scroll down to view the Calendar


Public Hearing for DCE/Blue Ribbon for request to allow them to hold "any other non sports related activities" - yes that means concernst! - and to run until MIDNIGHT!!  Every single day!

March 3, 2020 - Public Hearing cont.  6:30 PM

Council Chambers 2nd Floor 
174E. Wisconsin Avenue Oconomowoc, WI 53066

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