Concerns & Questions
  1. Traffic
    Diamond talks 36 ballgames - Do they also plan to hold Concerts, Food Festivals, Private parties? In their past proposals all of these were included. Will event traffic impact the hospital?
    Major Congestion?
  2. Groundwater Contamination
    Groundwater Contamination
    This entire area is designated as area of HIGH RISK for infiltration and Groundwater contamination by the Southeast Wisconsin Regional Water Plan. The artificial turf in particular is a huge concern.
    Protect our Soil, Wells, Lakes & Streams!
  3. Noise
    Sporting events are LOUD! Their studies were only around ballgames. Now they want concerts & anything else they can think of - did they study THAT sound? See sound studies on our Link page! Who limits the number of events & regulates noise?
    Noise Pollution!
  4. Stadium Lights
    Stadium Lights
    Combine 80' Stadium Lights & 700 lit Parking Spaces - could this result in major light disturbances for residents? 80' is twice the height of the average utility pole! Could the lights impact I-94 traffic?
    Light Disturbance?
  5. Turf Fields & Groundwater
    Turf Fields & Groundwater
    Reports link crumb Turf to major health risks - see our link page. MLB is removing it! Multiple states are enacting bans. Why install this in an area at high risk for infiltration & groundwater contamination?
    Risks to our Health?!
  6. Is this free to Community?
    Is this free to Community?
    Read the Blue Ribbon proposal. This is a PROFIT-driven venture - your children may be able to play, but they will pay!
    Private not Public venture
  7. Alcohol Sales
    Alcohol Sales
    Will Blue RIbbon offer "Bottomless Beverage Party Packages" like the Mallards offer? Who regulates once it's up & running?
    OWI & Security Concerns
  8. How about the Roads?
    How about the Roads?
    It's not just traffic headaches, but what about the wear and tear on our Roads? How much of a burden will this place on all taxpayers? If a traffic light is required, WHO PAYS
    More taxes ahead?
  9. Another Ski Hill?
    Another Ski Hill?
    If the venture fails, to what other purpose could this venue be put? Would the City (and therefore taxpayers) have to step in and purchase in order to attract another use?
    What if they fail?
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City of Oconomowoc Common Council Contacts

Kevin Ellis, 973-934-7558, [email protected]
Lou Kowieski, 414-875-7625, [email protected]
Matt Rosek, 262-370-0773, [email protected]
David Nold, Mayor, 262-569-1111, [email protected]   
Andy Rogers, 262-794-2346, [email protected]
Charlie Shaw, 262-719-8430, [email protected]
Karen Spiegelberg, 262-354-8161, [email protected]
Tom Strey, 262-490-0416, [email protected]
Derek Zwart, 414-940-8462, [email protected]  

Oconomowoc Plan Commission:
The City does not provide contact information for members of the Plan Commission, who can be contacted by emailing City Planner Jason Gallo at [email protected] or by writing: City of Oconomowoc Plan Commission, c/o City Planner Jason Gallo, 174 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Oconomowoc, WI, 53066.